Happy Meat


We've set up Happy Meat to connect locally grown meat with the local community where animals are born and raised.  We reckon that is much kinder on the animal, better for the environment and creates a better product.


Our first products are from our own Thistle Park Farm where we’ve always taken really good care of our cows.  They feed naturally, slowly transitioning between milk and grass, with the sun on their backs and plenty of space to roam.  They are happy cows but until now, once they left our farm we lost track of them and it’s impossible to know where they ended up and we don't like that. 


Our cows only eat grass and hay with no chemical fertilisers. They have no stress with minimal intervention from birth through to the day that they become beef.  And following our Happy Meat philosophy we handle the entire process from paddock to plate. 


A big part of beef quality is how it is dressed, hung, and processed. So our expert artisanal butcher hand-crafts you the best quality cuts, mince, sausage and salami.  More than that, we want to use as much of the beast as possible which is why we will offer other specialty cuts from time to time so you can revel in osso buco, oxtail, beef cheeks, anticuchos de corazón (figure that one out!), etc.

Cheers and enjoy

Gavin Gower and Damian Camp